Friday, 18 May 2018

Last Monday IPA Productions performed a theatre play in our school: TREASURE ISLAND. 
We had been working the story in English class during the weeks before. From the first to the sixth grade we have been working in pairs coloring the picture book of Treasure Island and thinking about the best end to finish the story (because we didn't know it).  

The day of the performance we were very excited for knowing the end of the story. We liked it a lot and at the end of the play we could practice our English asking some questions to the actors. 


Monday, 7 May 2018

Our classmates in 2nd Grade!

Learning new vocabulary in 2nd grade!  

We knew some vocabulary about BODY PARTS but in this new project we have remembered it and we have practiced the description vocabulary. 

First of all we created our own game "WHO IS WHO" drawing each other in pairs and creating a poster where we could guess the classmate represented in the drawing. All the students of the school could play the game and the result was very funny!  

Once we knew all he vocabulary related to the body we could start working the description. We worked in groups and after creating a monster, we had to write a description of it : number of eyes, fingers , legs, arms.... THE MONSTER WERE AMAZING AND WE MADE VERY GOOD DESCRIPTIONS!!


Friday, 4 May 2018



The 1st grade students have spent some days in a new Project. 

This time we have learnt vocabulary

 about body with different activities that 

have helped us a lot.

In the “our classmates” project, we have 

worked in pairs and  we have learnt vocabulary by drawing portraits of our pairs. 

Look! It wasa very artistic activity! 

We have been playing games like “Simon

 says” and singing a lot of songs….Head, 

shoulders, knees and toes…

After drawing, we have entered in the world 

of descriptions with a funny game! “Who is 
who?” and we have practiced writing in 
English making our first descriptions about the 


We are Hungry! p5


New Project in P5!!
These days we have been learning vocabulary about food!

We started this project talking about shops and products in English and it was a part from the school project “The Town”. We  created Market place in the school hall and we wrote the name of the products in Catalan and in English! We also could learn the names of the different shops: Greengrocer, fish shop, butcher’s, supermarket, bakery...

The Magix Box gave us the story "The Hungry Snake" and with the reading we could learn new vocabulary! 

Then we started talking about different types of food using flashcards and playing games with them and we could discover the name of our favorite food in English!

Finally , with songs and games we classified the food that we like or we don’t like and look! We like almost all the food!!!

As always, we have done the English Corners practicing English with different games. It has been really funny!

After this project we can say that…WE ARE HUNGRY!!!!!