Resultado de imagen de MERRY CHRISTMAS

Resultado de imagen de rudolph the red nosed reindeerRUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER

The students in Cicle Inicial have worked Rudolph de red nosed reindeer. We have worked a story, where Rudolph is not very well eccepted because of his red nose. And they have decorated a very nice Christmas card, each child has chosen which card they wanted and the results have been very nice.

First term project: WILD ANIMALS!

The students in the 1st grade have leant how some wild animals are named, a story, songs and we have played a lot! I hope you liked the activites you recived (minibook, memory...). Make your kids tell you the story, it is good for them to keep it in their brain!!!!

Today the students have painted their faces as animals (mouse, zebra, giraffe, elephant, lion and parrot) and they have perfomed the story to the kids in P3, P4 and P5.
They have done it very well and they have enjoyed a lot!

Here is the result:


It's almost Halloween and the students of the first grade have worked the tradition of Halloween: Where it is celebrated and what they do. We have worked TRICK OR TREAT with some scary monsters.
We have watched a video with a trick or treat song and we have done trick or treat. The kids got very excited with the Halloween treat, it was a chocolate!

Each of us have chosen a monster (Dracula, pumpkin, Frankenstein or a mummy) and we have made it, look at them, they are very scary!!!

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  1. I liked playing in the "Run, run, run" play! Tina