Resultado de imagen de MERRY CHRISTMAS

Resultado de imagen de santaPRESENTS!!!!

The students in Infant Cicle have worked Father Christmas! We have leant a song we sang in the final term show, we listent to a story (how an old man and a lady become Santa) and we have decorated a Christmas Card with lots of presents.    



We started recalling numbers and colours, we sang songs and played lots of games:

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we have also learned a story: THE BALLOON (click to watch the videos). The aim of this stroy is to speak before knowing anything else. The children repeat and act the story and when they are able to tell it we stard intreducing the visual material to make the students understand what they are saying. The last thing is to tell the story at home (the students learn when they tell the story to somebody).

THE HOUSE: The students have also leaned the parts of the house, we played lots of games and we have wached a story and a song to help us remember them.

It's almost Halloween and the students of P5 we have worked the tradition of Halloween: Where it is celebrated and what they do (they get dressed up as scary things and they go to their neighbours' houses to ask for sweets).

We also have worked the GHOSTS:  We have leant a song:

10 scary ghosts song group A
10 scary ghosts group B

We have listened to a story: 10 Timid Ghosts

And we have made a scary ghost:

Of course, we have done trick or treat and the kids got very excited when they got some Halloween chocolates coins!!!!

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